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The Centre for Occupational Health (COH) at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust has been in existence for over 30 years and is Consultant led. The Centre has during that period been concerned with maintaining and improving the health and well being of the hospital staff and that of local industries and businesses. We are accredited as being a Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service (SEQOHS) and adhere to the their stringent standards of performance.

In providing these services, the experienced, highly qualified, multi-disciplinary team of occupational health physicians and nurses at the COH clearly recognises that it has a dual role, with equal responsibilities to individual employees as well as to the employer.

Creating and maintaining a healthy and motivated workforce is an important objective for any employer, at the same time, management requires a service that will enable it to manage its workforce efficiently and effectively. We are committed to continuing to provide a high quality service that performs both functions.

As the service is provided by a group of occupational health departments (with Stockport OH taking a lead) occupational health records will be shared between the departments to provide a seamless OH service.

We can provide a comprehensive professional package which can be tailored to suit your needs whatever they may be. We believe in the personal approach, building a firm relationship with companies and ensuring their special needs are met to ensure a safer working environment and a healthier workforce.


During this pandemic we are switch to video consultations so we can still maintain an element of human interaction whilst protecting the safety of our staff and patients. If you have been sent a video consultation appointment, please click on the link below to request admittance to our virtual waiting room. Please note, if you do not have a booked appointment in our diary you will not be admitted.

Click here:  Video Consultation

To make the journey as smooth as possible please do a system check at the earliest opportunity so you can make sure we will be able to see and hear you during the video call. Please click on the links below to read our patient information leaflet and troubleshooting guide. You will be required to perform a system check when you request entry to the waiting room. If you experience any difficulties then the consultation can be switched to a telephone consultation.

Patient Information Leaflet.
Troubleshooting guide

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